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As the first and only security deposit solution provider for Tenants in Singapore. Sing-Guarantee is your ideal partner to help you stand out from the competition and secure quality Tenants.


Landlords in Singapore face increasing difficulties to get their property rented out fast and at the right price.
  • More Completed Properties
    Property Developers are cashing in on the high market prices to build more units. With a bumper crop of newly completed developments, Landlords are finding it harder to secure long term quality Tenants because of the competition.
  • Improved Public Transport System Increases Tenant Options for Rental
    As the public transport system in Singapore improves over the years with new MRT lines and the increasing usage of ride hailing apps like Grab and Go-Jek. There has been an increasing trend of Tenants renting further from the popular prime districts to save cost.
  • Decentralisation of Singapore Office Space
    As the Singapore government progresses with its vision for new growth hubs like the second CBD in the Jurong Lake District and other popular non CBD offices are also sprouting up in locations such as Paya Lebar, Tampines, One-North, Changi and Novena. Expect rents to be placed under continued pressure as more areas become popular and Tenant options for alternative locations increase.



Security for the Landlord

The Sing-Security Deposit offers Landlords the same value, security and function as a traditional cash security deposit paid by the Tenant.

The only difference is that at the end of the lease, the money has to be returned to Sing-Guarantee instead of the Tenant.

Tenant Financial Checks

Sing-Guarantee verifies the financial stability of Tenants helping you make the right choice and secure only quality Tenants.

Better Tenants mean less late payments or excuses for unpaid rent. Giving you a better peace of mind.

Rent out your unit faster

By allowing your Tenant to use a Sing-Security Deposit, the cost savings that a Tenant enjoys from renting your unit will make you stand out from the competition.

Join our fast growing group of Landlords accepting a Sing-Security Deposit today.

Professional checks done for you

As a professional service company, we offer a Professional move-in and move-out inspection to landlords for free.

This includes photos, V360° filming and a comprehensive report on your unit condition. Using it will help you to reduce risk of disputes or litigation at the end of the lease.

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