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Frequently asked questions about our Sing-Security Deposit

What is the difference between a security deposit and a Sing-Security Deposit (SSD) ?

Does the Sing-Security Deposit (SSD) provide the Landlord with the same security as a traditional security deposit?

Is this service available for Commercial and Industrial properties?

Is this service open to Corporate Lease?

Do we still need to pay for the security deposit to Sing-Guarantee or the Landlord?

Is the maximum amount of the Sing-Security Deposit limited ?

Where can I calculate my Fees?

What does the yearly service fee include ?

What is a Professional Inspection by Sing-Guarantee ?

What documents do you need to issue a Sing-Security Deposit (SSD) ?

How long do you take for approval ?

Will the Landlord or Real Estate Agent reject me from using a Sing-Security Deposit ?

Is there any change in the Tenancy Agreement?

What happens at the end of the lease ?

What will happen if the landlord deducts any amount from the Security Deposit?



What if I don't agree with my Landlord's claim ?

As a third party, Sing-Guarantee cannot be involved in any dispute between the Tenant and Landlord. If there is any litigation, Tenant and Landlord will have to resolve it between themselves.

The service that Sing-Guarantee provides is to help Tenants reduce the initial cost of renting a property in Singapore. However, Sing-Guarantee is not an insurance and the Tenant still remains liable for any claims by the Landlord.

If any money is deducted from the SSD, Sing-Guarantee will ultimately still claim the money back from the Tenant. If the Tenant doesn't agree with the Landlord's claim, we encourage the Tenant to seek the Landlord for an amicable solution with the reference of our Professional Inspection Report provided.

That is exactly why our Professional Inspection Report is so important in your rental process, because it reduces litigation risks between both parties and serves as an important reference point for dispute resolution.

I am already a tenant and I currently have two months of security deposit frozen. Can I get it replaced with a Sing-Security Deposit?

Can I terminate my Sing-Security Deposit ?

How do I proceed as a Tenant?

What's next after approval?

What is required by the landlord?

Is there any cost to the landlord?

How do I submit these documents upon signing the Letter of Intent?

When do I make payment?

What is the mode of payment available?

How do Sing-Guarantee pay the security deposit to the landlord?

Where can I collect the cheque and Service Agreement?

When will your Professional Inspection take place?

What does your 'Complimentary Home Accidental Damage Protection' insurance cover?

Is Sing-Security Deposit (SSD) an insurance product ?

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