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Frequently asked questions about our Sing-Security Deposit

What is the difference between a security deposit and a Sing-Security Deposit (SSD) ?

Does the Sing-Security Deposit (SSD) provide the Landlord with the same security as a traditional security deposit?

What is a Professional Inspection by Sing-Guarantee ?

What does the yearly service fee include ?

What documents do you need to issue a Sing-Security Deposit (SSD) ?

Will the Landlord or Real Estate Agent reject me from using a Sing-Security Deposit ?

What happens at the end of the lease ?

Is Sing-Security Deposit (SSD) an insurance product ?

Is the maximum amount of the Sing-Security Deposit limited ?

What if I don't agree with my Landlord's claim ?

I am already a tenant and I currently have two months' of security deposit frozen. Can I get it replaced with a Sing-Security Deposit?

Can I terminate my Sing-Security Deposit ?

How do i proceed as a Tenant?

What does your 'Complimentary Home Accidental Damage Protection' insurance cover?

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