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What is the difference between a security deposit and a Sing-Security Deposit ?

When you pay directly your security deposit to your Landlord, you freeze your money and don't benefit from any service to protect this deposit. With the Sing-Security Deposit :

1/ You don't freeze your cash, you just pay a service fee.

2/ You benefit from professional check-in and check-out inspection that protects you from unfair claims at the end of the lease.

Does my Landlord or real estate Agent have to accept a Sing-Security Deposit ?

No.... However, you should know that Sing-Guarantee already works with the most reputable real estate Agents throughout Singapore and most of them accept it.

For a real estate Agents or Landlord, a Sing-Security Deposit doesn't make any difference as they can still use it in case of claim, damage or unpaid rent.

Do not hesitate to give us the information if your real estate Agents or Landlord doesn't know Sing-Guarantee.

Is the amount of the Sing-Security Deposit limited ?

No. We deliver security deposits for all amounts with no restriction.

The Sing-Security Deposit is in conformity with what appears in your lease agreement.

I am already a tenant and I have frozen two months' rent for my deposit. Can I get it back?

Of course.

All you need to do is make an application for a Sing-Security Deposit. Once pre-approved we will request clearance from your Landlord to check that he has no claim for the previous period.

If not we can replace your deposit by our Sing-Security Deposit. We will then transfer money to your Landlord, and you will get your deposit back.

Can I terminate my Sing-Security Deposit ?

The Sing-Security Deposit can be terminated at any time.

All you need to do is ask your landlord or real estate agent to give us a written notice and return us the funds we have transfered to him. There is no cancelation fees.


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