No Security Deposit, no stress !

Don't freeze your Cash

You don't need to put your money in the security deposit. We do it for you.

You are about to move to Singapore. You will certainly have to spend a lot of money in the coming weeks: international movers, flight tickets for the family, furniture, school fees, health insurance, etc. Money will fly out of the window, faster than you can count.

With Sing-Guarantee, you get an immediate and substantial cash savings, and your money remains available for your more important needs!


Quick and Easy

Sign up and receive your Pre-Approval 

It is quick and easy to sign up.

We will process your application and tell you if you qualify for the Sing-Security Deposit within a day.


No stress

With Sing-Guarantee you benefit from a professional check-in and check-out inspection, detailed inventory and condition checks, professional reports with comprehensive photos and even a free V360 degree video.

Say goodbye to Landlord disputes at the end of the lease.



Save even more money

You will pay your fee only from the day you move in

- Your fee is paid on a yearly basis, you don't have to pay full upfront if you a have a two years lease.

- From the 2nd year, the amount of your Annual Fee is fixed and will never increase.


And finally ...

Stop being worried about getting back your security deposit when you move out

You don't know the country, you don't know your landlord, you don't know the rules ... and you don't know if you will eventually get this money back.

With Sing-Security Deposit, stop worrying when your lease ends. You don't have any deposit to get back... because you didn't put any deposit in the first place !



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