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The role of a property agent in Singapore is not easy. 9 out of every 10 agents we surveyed have recalled being caught in disputes between the Landlord and Tenant.
At Sing-Guarantee, we aim to help agents free up their time to focus on the truly important business matters such as closing deals, securing more listings and standing out from the competition. Say goodbye to disputes forever.


Here are some of the common problems that real estate agents face:
  • Disputes between Landlord and Tenant are time consuming
    Agents love closing rental deals as you get paid fast once the tenancy agreement is signed. What most agents do not enjoy is the handover inventory and condition checks to the Tenant, calls by the Landlord or Tenant for repair works during the tenancy and the dreaded takeover checks before the Tenant moves out which usually follows by dispute resolution between both parties. We can help you.
  • More competition from other agents
    Competition between agents will always exist but how you truly stand out from the rest shall determine your success in this business. If you could dramatically increase the enquiries from Tenants for all your property listings, have Landlords or Tenants praise your professionalism and even have clients recommended to you by Sing-Guarantee. Could your business increase by leaps and bounds?
  • Landlords and Tenants are closing deals directly or by reducing agent commissions
    With the advance of technology, there are many more options that Landlords have to find direct Tenants or vice versa. Some market disruption companies even promote their cheap commission services in a bid to gain market share. We can help agents earn more while providing such good value that your clients will love you for looking after their best interests.




Professional checks done for you

As a professional service company, we offer a Professional move-in and move-out inspection to Landlords and Tenants for free.

This includes inventory and condition checks, photos, V360° filming and a comprehensive report on your unit condition. Using it will help you to reduce risk of disputes or litigation at the end of the lease.

Tenant Financial Checks

Sing-Guarantee verifies the financial stability of Tenants helping you make the right choice and secure only quality Tenants for your Landlord.

Better Tenants mean less late payments or excuses for unpaid rent. Which translates into a happier Landlord who recommends more business to you.

Rent out your unit faster

Join our fast growing group of Property Agents who are promoting a Sing-Security Deposit today.

Tenants are attracted to your rental listings that do not require the traditional cash security deposit locked away for 2 years in the Landlord's bank account. More enquiries means more business opportunities.

Tenants will love your services

As an added bonus, every Sing-Security Deposit comes with complimentary home content insurance, accidental damage to home contents and even home assistance for common services by locksmith, plumber, electrician and pest control to name a few.

We help your Tenants have a worry free tenancy and they will love you for it.

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