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You have signed your rental agreement or you are about to do it and you must produce a security deposit before you can move in. The amount of this security deposit is typically equivalent to 2 months’ rent. Why freeze your money in the landlord’s bank account? Take out a Sing-Security Deposit and use your freed up money as you please. It is easy, quick and provides cost-saving. In just a few clicks, you can fill in our on-line form and get your Sing-Security Deposit within a day.

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A Pre-Approval will certainly help you rent the home of your dreams.

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Show your Sing-Guarantee pre-approved certificate at property viewings and give yourself a strong advantage to secure the renting of the property. It’s proof for the landlord and/or building management, that you are credit-worthy and already pre-approved for the Sing-Guarantee security deposit.

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A Sing-Security Deposit is fully backed by cash and is irrevocable throughout the entire tenor of the lease agreement.

It’s reliability is as good as having cash in hand.

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You already rent a home, your security deposit is already frozen in the landlord's account and you would like to get your money back? You can do it with Sing-Guarantee

The Sing-Guarantee security deposit is as reliable as a cash deposit for your landlord or real estate agent. You can ask for a substitution at any time to release the cash deposit which has been frozen in the landlord's bank account.

For this, all you need to do is fill in our registration form. Once we have approved and prepared the Sing-Security Deposit, we will forward it to your landlord or real estate agent, which/who will release your cash deposit.

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